Comment Submission and Update - Nginx

In this application, comments are displayed on the individual blog post pages that were added as permanent links in Chapter 11. A submission form is also included on these pages. Example 13-3 shows the web form that will be used to enter comments— an extremely simple form that only has a text field and a submit button.

Database Relationships Revisited

As discussed in Chapter 5, databases establish links between records using relation‐ ships. The one-to-many relationship is the most common type of relationship, where a record is linked with a list of related records. To implement this type of relationship, the elements on the “many” side have a foreign key that points to the linked element on the “one” side. The example application in its current state includes two one-to- many relationships: one that links user roles to lists of users and another that links users to the blog posts they authored.


Socially aware web applications allow users to connect with other users. Different applications call these relationships followers, friends, contacts, connections, or bud‐ dies, but the feature is the same regardless of the name, and in all cases involves keep‐ ing track of directional links between pairs of users and using these links in database queries.

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